How To Style: ‘90s Inspired Butterfly Hair Claw Clips

The ‘90s was an era filled with bold, fun and rebellious fashion looks inspired by music and popular youth culture of the decade. If there was one thing ‘90s fashion was far from, that would be boring.

When it came to hair, styling and decorating was a big thing of the ‘90s. The hair and hair accessories trends truly showcased the playful and youthful culture of the decade with crimped, flat twisted, or brightly decorated hair a norm. Some popular hair accessories were snap clips, scrunchies, hair claws, butterfly clips, colourful rubber bands, and headbands which were all usually worn in multiple brightly assorted colours at a time.

5 Ways To Style Your Butterfly Hair Claw Clips

Butterfly clips come in an array of colours, materials and styles with endless ways of styling them.  We've rounded up 5 different ways in which you can style this ‘90s reemerging trend in 2020. Want to recreate these looks? Shop our Butterfly Hair Claw Clips here.

1.  Got a fro? No problem sis. We love how these clips are beautifully styled all over this lustrous fro.  Play around with different colours, and spacing to replicate this look.  


2. Let your hair down, curly or straight and let your clips hang and flutter as butterflies do 🦋 


3. Rocking a bun? Whether one bun, two or three buns, you can rock your butterfly clips right on em'. We love how these clips are styled by colour on each side.

Or you can style them with an assortment of colours like this.


4. Want a more simple look with fewer clips? Opt for a middle part and add two clips (1 on each side) sticking with the same colour for a more subtle aesthetic. 



5. Or get a classic ‘90s hair do with some flat twists or by sectioning the front of your hair and adding the clips as your finishing touch. 


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